Sintech develops innovative software solutions. They offer unprecedented quality and value for money software services, be it consultancy, product development or one of our off the shelf products.  Yerra is working with Sintech to provide consultants in the security area.

Our key objective is to provide you with the best possible software development experience, through great customer service and excellent products and consultancy

Sintech Solutions provides the perfect balance of experience, innovation and best practices to deliver your software projects on time and on budget.

Sintech offers a choice of flexible engagement models to fit your situation and objectives. You have the choice of complete product development, Insourcing, the Virtual Software Department or a hybrid of these approaches


Document Management System.
This is an advanced package that provides document management, generation and tracing. It manages the balance between paper and electronic documents. It is a perfect solution to automate letters, quotes or any other document given a particular workflow has occurred.


A progressive Authorization API for the .NET development environment.
Seemless Integration with existing applications.
Fine grain authorization based on permissions.
Supports multiple databases (SQL, Oracle, Access, Firebird, MySQL and PostgreSQL).
Easy Integration with Menu systems – supports menu generation from a set of permissions.


In-sourcing can be a very important part of a project plan. Often the client may need to simply leverage the experience and aptitude of a Sintech Team member to close a resource gap in their own team. We accommodate this model well and rest assured that each of our consultants is of the highest caliber available in the market place. Our consultants will endeavor to adapt to client processes and standards quickly with a minimum of latency in work production.

Consistently experience shows it is essential to have strong ties to the business while developing software. It is perilous to close the communication channels between the software development process and business experts. To overcome this obstacle we often place key people on site to liaise with the client regularly, while feeding back the information to the offsite development team. We also understand that often a client will have part of the team already in place to handle parts of the software development process; in this case we provide flexibility to integrate as closely as possible with the internal team.


Outsourcing does prove to be an ideal option when a client does not have the resources or expertise to deliver a product; or they simply wish to mitigate the inherent risk of software development. Sintech has formulated its own mixture of development approaches, both traditional and new to achieve the best results in product development.

This approach aims to deliver incremental pieces of functionality rapidly so that testing and validation can occur by the client as early a possible. Sintech will never be keep you in the dark as looming deadlines approach; you will always know where you are in the development of a product as you will be able to use the functionality that has already been developed.

Outsourcing also offers the flexibility of various costing models. The models include fixed quotes, daily rates per resource with a contingency margin, hourly or a mixture of these costing models. The model that is adopted will depend on how well the requirements and the circumstances of each client. Please fell free to discuss these options in more detail.


Many smaller to midsize companies need the services of a Software department sporadically; however they only need limited resources for a specific project. Without the hassle or expense of recruitment, a relationship is established and maintained so that a consistency of service can be achieved. This model ensures the client with excellent software resources, far better accountability of software product all at a reduced cost and increased quality.